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Table 2 - Some Expressions Common 1n Describing Embryos
(Synonyms in parentheses)
Anterior (cephalic, cranial, rostral) — head end.
Posterior (caudal) — tail end.
Dorsal — back side.
Ventral — belly side.
Lateral — either right (dextral) side, or left (sinistral) side.
Mesial (median, medial) — middle.
Proximal — nearer the point of reference.
Distal — further from the point of reference.
Transverse (horizontal) — a plane intersecting the antero-posterior axis at right angles, dividing anterior portion from posterior.
Sagittal — the mesial plane of the body or any plane parallel to it, dividing right portion from left.
Frontal (coronal) — any plane at right angles to both transverse and mesial planes dividing dorsal portion from ventral.
Primordium (anlage, Germ.; ébauche, Fr.) — the first recognizable stage in the development of any new part of the embryo.
Invagination — the growth of a surface in (toward the point of reference).
Evagination — the growth of a surface out (away from the point of reference).