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Table 1 - Some Important Events IN THE History or Embryology up To 1900
Embryology in the classic period
4th century B.C. Aristotle
Embryology in the Renaissance period
(Before the general use of the microscope)
1651 Harvey Epigenesis
(After the general use of the microscope)
1672 Malpighi Preformation
1768 Wolff Epigenesis
Embryology in modern times
1839 von Baer Comparative embryology
1839 (Schleiden and Schwann announced cell theory)
1859 (Darwin announced theory of natural selection)
1866 Haeckel Biogenetic law
1866 (Mendel announced laws of inheritance)
(Microscopic technique being developed)
1874 His Experimental embryology
1878 Whitman Cell lineage
1883 Roux Mechanics of development
1891 Weismann Theory of the germplasm
1899 Loeb Artificial parthenogenesis
1900 (Rediscovery of Mendel’s laws)