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Seminal Vesicle Timeline
Week Fetal CRL mm Event
13 80 seminal vesicles appear as lateral evaginations or out-pocketings from the lower portion of the mesonephric ducts (Wolffian ducts). At this stage their lateral diameter is always greater than the anteroposterior length.
14 100 sacculations or diverticula of the vesicles as evaginations of the walls of the vesicles. At this time 3 small but distinct sacculations may be counted at a given level in each vesicle.
19 170 dilatation of the mesonephric ducts in their lower portion, to form the ampullae of the deferent ducts. Sacculations of the ampullae in the form of slight but definite irregularities of their lumina. Each vesicle at this stage shows from 3 to 8 distinct sacculations at a given level. The lateral and antero—posterior diameters are now about equal.
21 180 sacculations of the mesonephric ducts have become well developed and the dilatation of the ducts to form the ampullae have assumed very nearly their proportions at birth.
25 220 vesicles and ampullae have assumed practically their adult form as regards their general topography and arrangement of sacculations. At a single level may be counted from~nine to twelve separate diverticula.
25 to 31 220 to 275 prostatic utricle opens into the posterior urethra. At the latter date has a bifid lumen showing the union of two partially fused tubes. At this stage 5 to 7 distinct sacculations in each vesicle at a given level.
Birth vesicles show at a given level 7 distinct sacculations at one time. At this stage many of the diverticula are traversed by a network of fine trabeculae.
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