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Movie Control Bar  
Movie bar01.jpg
Play Rewind 30 sec
Progress bar
Audio Air play Picture in picture Full screen
Click here to play on mobile device - opens the MP4 file.
  • Play - (grey triangle) clicking this plays the movie. Click again to pause.
  • Rewind 30 sec - takes the movie back 30 seconds, not really useful for most of the shorter movies.
  • Progress bar - shows the movie progress. Can also be dragged to a specific point within the movie.
  • Audio - if there is any associated audio the volume can be adjusted from here.
  • Air play - on Apple devices allows sending and viewing the movie on another connected device or screen.
  • Picture in picture - opens the movie in its own window without closing the current window.
  • Full screen - opens the movie in full screen, in this mode no other windows will be visible.