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Measurements - M‘Intyre Embryo
Feature Dimensions (mm)
External dimensions of chorionic vesicle including villi (after fixation) 14 X 13 X 8 mm
Anterior extremity of yolk-sac to posterior extremity of amnion 1.75 mm
Blastoderm (including primitive streak) length 1.37 mm
Blastoderm (including primitive streak) greatest breadth 0.5 mm
Primitive streak 0.32 mm
Yolk—sac (approximately) 1.44 X 1 mm X 1 mm
Amnion, length 1.28 mm
Ref: M'Intyre D. The development of the vascular system in the human embryo prior to the establishment of the heart. (1926) Trans. Roy Soc. 40(1): 12-20.