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Lettering of Plates and Figures  

A. I., intersegmental artery. In each plate only the first and last have been lettered.

A. M., mesonephric artery. In each plate only one of several has been lettered.

A. M. S., superior mesenteric artery.

A0., aorta

A. R., renal artery.

A. U., umbilical artery.

0. M., caval mesentery.

D. C., duct of Cuvier.

D. V. A., ductus venosus Arantii.

F. W., foramen of Winslow.

G. A., genital anlage.

Ht., heart.

Ki, kidney.

Li., liver. (In Plate I the outline of its right dorsal lobe.)

Lu., anlage of lung.

Mes., mesentery.

M. P., portal mesentery, that part of C. M. caudad to the F. W.

N., notch between right dorsal hepatic lobe and C. M.

Ph., pharynx.

Re., position of renal anlage.

Sp. 0., spinal cord.

S. San, subcardinal spaces.

St, stomach.

U., venous loop through which the ureter passes.

U. V., Urnierenvene (Hochstetter).

Ur, ureter.

V. C., posterior cardinal vein. .

O. u., posterior cardinal vein, anterior division.

U. 11., posterior cardinal vein, posterior division.

c. m., vein extending into C. M. /v., vena cava, hepatic portion.

H. C., vena hepatica cornmunis.

L. T. P., posterior transverse lumbar vein.

V . m., small vein running into mesentery. In the plate similar ones, caudad, are not lettered.

V. m. x., vein running into mesentery and anastomosing with those of the opposite side.

V. O. M., omphalo-mesenteric vein. (Portal vein.)

V. P., portal vein, entering the liver from the M. P. V. R., renal vein.

V . Sp., subcardinal vein.

V . Sc. i., subcardinal vein, inferior division.

V. Sc. w., subcardinal vein, branch from Wolflian body.

V. U . d., right umbilical vein.

V. U. 8., left umbilical vein.

W. B., Wolifian body.

X., cross connection between subcardinals.

Y., cross connection between posterior cardinals.