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iBook - Kyoto Embryo Collection  
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  • Description - The Kyoto embryo collection is the largest collection of human embryos in the world, it therefore provides a unique research and educational resource for studying all aspects of early human development. This iBook now allows you to observe selected embryos from the first 8 weeks after fertilization and explore for yourself the changes that occur in normal human development during this key period. This atlas of the Kyoto embryos from Carnegie Stage 7 to 23 provides a brief description of each stage, surface views, interactive images, histology, movies and a glossary.
  • Release: First Edition - August, 2016 ISBN 978-0-7334-3528-7
  • Print Length 196 Pages, 250 Mb Language English.
  • The current website also includes numerous embryo images from this textbook (see Kyoto Collection and Embryonic Development).