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From Embryology
Reference Letters of Figures (Except Fig. 16)
All of the figures were drawn with the aid of the camera lucida or the projection lantern. A uniform scale of magnification was not adopted, but the scale of diameters of the drawing as reproduced is given in the description of each figure.
a.1'.c. ~ Accompanying indifferent cells.

ao. — Aorta.

b.rec. — Branch of recurrent nerve.

ca. — Carotid artery.

car.n. — Cardiac nerves.

car.b. — An1agen of cardiac plexus.

c.r. — Communicating ramus.

c.m.d.n.r. — Cells migrating into dorsal nerve-root.

c.m.pv. — Ce11s migrating from sympathetic trunks into prevertebral plexuses.

c.m.v.r. - Cells migrating into ventral nerve-root.

c.m.vag.r. — Cells migrating into vagus rootlets.

d.n.r. — Dorsa1 nerve-root.

e.l.m.—External limiting membrane.

f.pv.—Fibers extending into prevertebral plexuses.

g.c. — Germinal cells of His.

i.c.c.r. — Indifferent cells in communicating ramus.

£.l.m. — Internal limiting membrane. mes.—Mesentery.

m.r.f. — Motor root-fibers.

m.s.p. — Anlage of myenteric and sub mucous plexuses.

nb. — Neuroblasts.

oe. — sophagus.

o.rec.n. — Origin of recurrent nerve.

p.a. — Pulmonar-y artery.

pv.a. — Anlagen of prevertebral plexuses.

rec.n. — Recurrent nerve.

sp.g. — Spinal ganglion.

sp . n. — Spinal nerve.

s.r.f. — Sensory root-fibers.

supr. - Suprarenal bodies.

sy. — Anlagen of sympathetic trunks.

t. — Trachea.

vag. — Vagus trunk.

vag.b. — Branch of vagus nerve.

vag.r. — Rootlets of vagus nerve.

v.n.r. — Ventra1 nerve-root.