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Abbreviations - Kunitomo (1920)
A. s. m. Arteria sacralis media.

Append. Caudal extension of the terminal ventricle.

Caud. non-v. Part of tail containing no vertebrae.

Ch. Chorda dorsalis.

CI. Cloaca.

Constrict. Constriction marking off remnant of spinal cord which is to form the coccygeal medullary vestige.

Con. med. Conus medullaris.

Dura. Dura mater.

Fil. t. Filum terminale.

Gang, symp. Sympathetic ganglionated cord.

Int. cau. Intestinum caudale.

Lig. cau. Ligamentum caudale.

Med. sp. Medulla spinalis.

Med. sp. atr. Atrophic portion of the spinal cord.

Mem. cl. Membrana cloacalis.

Pia. Pia mater.

PI. vasc. Plexus vasculosus.

Re. epend. Remnant mass of ependymal cells.

Rect. Rectum.

Re. int. cau. Remnant of caudal gut.

Rud. cau. Rudiment of tail.

Str. cell. Stria cellularis.

Tub. Co. Coccygeal tubercle.

V. s. m. Vena sacralis media.

Vent. t. Ventriculus terminalis.

Vent. t. cran. Cranial portion of terminal ventricle.

Vent. t. cau. Caudal portion of terminal ventricle.

X. Characteristic folds in ventral wall of spinal cord.

XX. Furrow on surface corresponding to level at which the caudal gut begins to disappear.