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ICD-11 Chromosomal anomalies excluding gene mutations  
  • LD40 Complete trisomies of the autosomes
  • LD41 Duplications of the autosomes
  • LD42 Polyploidies
  • LD43 Complete monosomies of the autosomes
  • LD44 Deletions of the autosomes
  • LD45 Uniparental disomies
  • LD46 Imprinting errors
  • LD47 Balanced rearrangements or structural markers
Sex chromosome anomalies
  • LD50 Number anomalies of chromosome X  
  • LD51 Structural anomalies of chromosome X, excluding Turner syndrome
  • LD52 Number anomalies of chromosome Y
  • LD53 Structural anomalies of chromosome Y
  • LD54 Male with sex chromosome mosaicism
  • LD55 Fragile X chromosome
  • LD56 Chimaera 46, XX, 46, XY  
LD5Y Other specified sex chromosome anomalies  
LD5Z Sex chromosome anomalies, unspecified  
LD7Y Other specified chromosomal anomalies, excluding gene mutations

LD7Z Chromosomal anomalies, excluding gene mutations, unspecified

genetic abnormalities
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