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Human Notochord Timeline
Carnegie Stage Days Event
7 15 to 17 notochordal process directly rostral to the area of gastrulation.
8 to 10 17 to 23 group of undifferentiated cells that briefly persists. Within the notochordal process, a connection between the amniotic cavity and yolk-sac (neurenteric canal).
8 to 11 17 to 26 notochordal process incorporates entirely into the endoderm, forming the epithelial notochordal plate.
10 to 11 21 to 26 notochordal plate then acquires an “inverted U-shape”, relatively lengthens during these stages and remains intimately associated with the neural tube until stage 12 (26–30 days).
12 26 to 30 notochordal plate detaches completely from the endoderm to form the definitive notochord.
12 to 14 26 to 35 definitive notochord formation then allows the paired dorsal aortae to fuse in-between the notochord and the roof of the gut.
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