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From Embryology
Abnormality name Affected region phase of occurrence Definition
Esophageal atresia Foregut ( Esophagus occurs in 8th week 1 in 3000-4500 birth- results from deviation of trachoesophageal septum and there is incomplete separation of the eosphagus from laryngotracheal tube.
Eosphageal stenosis Foregut ( Esophagus during week 8 Due to incomplete recanalisation of Esophagus
Congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis Foregut ( stomach) onset at 3rd week and can present neonatally 1 in 150 male and 1-750 female- muscular thickening of the pylorus
Reverse rotation Midgut Midgut loop rotates in clockwise direction. Doudenum lies anterior to the superior messentric artery ( normally it should lie posteriorly) and transverse colon lies posterior instead of anterior to it ( artery).

Anal agenesis Hidngut week 7 Anal canal end blindly or ectopic anus, or anoperineal fistula. Anal canal may open into vagina in female or urethra in male.