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Here are a few simple Quiz questions that relate to Sex Determination from the lecture and practical.


Sex determination occurs initially through the SRY transcription factor acting on the:

  primordial germ cells
  anterior pituitary
  testes support cells
  ovary support cells
  mesonephric duct cells


The cells in the adult male and female gonad forming from equivalent primordial cells in each sex are:

  Sertoli cells and thecal cells
  Leydig cells and interstitial cells
  primordial germ cells and oocytes
  thecal cells and interstitial cells
  ductus deferens and mesonephric ducts


The genes for testes-determining factors are located on the:

  short arm of the Y chromosome
  long arm of the Y chromosome.
  short arm of the X chromosome
  long arm of the X chromosome
  both the X and Y chromosomes contain these genes


The protein product of the gene SRY acts as a

  growth factor
  endocrine factor
  receptor protein
  transcription factor

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