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Attempt the Quiz - Extraembryonic Space 

Here are a few simple Quiz questions that relate to Extraembryonic Spaces from the lecture and practical.

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The extra-embryonic coelomic spaces are the:

blastocoel, previtelline space and villous chorion
decidua parietalis, decidua basalis and decidua capsularis
pericardial, pleural and peritoneal
smooth chorion, villous chorion and amnion
amnion, chorion and yolk sac


The trophoblast differentiate to form part of the:

outer cell mass
none of the above


The yolk sac proper:

is limited by the exocoelomic membrane
is formed by separation of the cytotrophoblastic layers
disappears after the third week
is lined by endodermal cells
none of the above


Which of the following spaces can be sampled as a prenatal diagnostic test:

chorionic space
amniotic space
allantoic space
chorionic villi space
peritoneal space
none of the above