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Here are a few simple Quiz questions that relate to Abnormalities from the practical.

1 Which of the following terms describes a theory of environmental derived effects due to maternal lifestyle, environment and nutrition may result in later life health events.

  the Barker hypothesis
  the fetal origins hypothesis
  the fetal programming hypothesis
  the developmental origins of health and disease

2 From the Australian statistical data (81-92) which of the systems contributes the greatest percentage of major abnormalities.

  other musculoskeletal

3 The most common urogenital abnormality is:

  Obstructive Defects of the Renal Pelvis
  Obstructive Genitourinary Defects
  Renal Agenesis
  Renal Dysgenesis

4 System collecting data based on notifications of major congenital anomalies to birth defects registers in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia and on data collected on congenital anomalies in Queensland, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory currently is:

  Australian Birth Anomalies System
  Australian Congenital Anomalies Monitoring System
  National Congenital Malformations
  Birth Defects Data Collection

5 A fetal death prior to the complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of conception of 20 or more completed weeks of gestation or of 400g or more birthweight is defined in Australia as a:"

  Infant death
  Perinatal death
  Incomplete pregnancy

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