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Team role: Resource investigator

After reading about the various team roles, I have concluded that I am probably the Resource Investigator in any team situation. I am usually very enthusiastic about new projects, and I like to search about the internet for articles or research papers. By the end of it I find myself hoarding all these articles into a folder. I do like to build on ideas rather than create them which is something I identified with in the description. I always have a positive attitude and I like connecting people because it makes me happy to see everyone working together.


The most interesting thing I found about this lecture would probably be learning about the polar bodies. Up until this lecture I never really gave it much thought as to where the extra DNA from meiosis goes, so finding about the existence of not 2, but 3 polar bodies was really interesting. I also thought that the Zona Pellucida protein (ZP2) is a very fascinating but smart mechanism to make human spermatozoa species specific.