Talk:Paper - Developmental Changes in the Pericardium, the Mesocardia, and the Pleural Sacs in the Human Embryo

From Embryology

David Waterson

Professor of Anatomy 1914-1942,

University of St Andrews

Prof. David Waterston

Nature 150, 516-516 (31 October 1942) | doi:10.1038/150516a0



THE death of Prof. David Waterston on September 4 at the age of seventy-one removed one of the distinguished anatomists of the Edinburgh School and a familiar figure for the past twenty-eight years in the life of the University of St. Andrews. After graduating in arts in the University of Edinburgh he took the M. B., C. M. in 1895, the F. R. C. S. (Ed.) in 1898 and the degree of M. D. with a gold medal for his thesis in 1900.