Talk:Movie - Neutrophil chasing bacteria

From Embryology

The bacteria could very well be Staph based on morphology but I do not think that what is being observed is bacterial motility. I believe that the moving neutrophil is simply displacing the bacteria that happen to be in front of it. In a few frames, you can see the bacteria leave the immediate front of the cell and once liberated seems to move by Brownian motion. Plus there is another dyad in the movie that your eye isn’t drawn to that is clearly jostled by Brownian motion not powered by some form of motility. If you watch carefully, the neutrophil only “catches” the bacterium because the bacterium jams on something and drags right before engulfment.

So, while the idea of “chasing” is funny, there is no evidence I can see for active movement on the part of the bacterium.

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