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Tuesday 30 Aug - LG02 Audio Problem
Apologies for the inconvenience, audio on the Echo recording was not functioning in the room. There will be a video recording of the lecture available.

Here is a similar lecture (including audio) from 2014.


ECHO360 Recording
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2014 Lecture Recording

Due to illness on Wednesday I was unable to give this lecture. The 2015 ECHO360 recording will therefore be available but will not contain any content. I have therefore added a link to the 2014 lecture video recording below. This will not be identical to the current online lecture, but should cover similar content.

Click this link to view video alone in browser window - 2014 Respiratory Development Lecture (60 Mb)

Lecture Date: 2013-09-03 Lecture Time: 16:00 Venue: Biomed E Speaker: Steve Palmer

Powerpoint file used to present this lecture is available as a pdf document HERE

Lecture 10 Audio

Media:2014ANAT2341 Lecture 10 - Respiratory Development.m4v