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Fertilization, Cleavage and the Origin of the Germ Layers, 105

I. Fertilization, 105

II. Cleavage (segmentation) of the mammalian ovum, 106

III. Gastrulation, 107

IV. Formation of the mesoderm, 107

Early Differentiations of the Germ Layers; Development of the External Form, 108

I. Early differentiations of the germ layers, 108

II. Development of the external form, no

Human Fetal Membranes, Placentation and Deciduae, 114

I. Fetal appendages and membranes, 114

II. Placentation, 116

III. The deciduae, 118

IV. The placenta, 119

PART TWO: ORGANOGENESIS Endodermic Derivatives

The Digestive System, 120

I. Introductory remarks, 120

II. The organs of the mouth cavity, 121

III. The pharynx, 123

IV. The digestive tube, 125

V. The liver, 126

VI. The pancreas, 127

The Respiratory System, 127

I. Early development, 127

II. The larynx, 127

III. The trachea, 128

IV. The lungs, 128

Mesodermic Derivatives

The Mesenteries and Coelom, 129

I. The mesenteries, 129

II. The coelom (body cavity), 130

The Vascular System, 13 i

I. Origin of the blood and hemopoiesis in the embryo, 13 1

II. The early vascular system, 132

III. Development of the heart, 133

IV. Development of the arteries, 136

V. Development of the veins, 138

VI. Fetal circulation and changes at birth, 139

The Urogenital System, 140

I. The urinary organs, 140

II. The genital organs, 143

The Skeletal System, 148

I. Connective tissue, 148

II. Cartilage, 148

III. Bone. Development of the skeleton, 148

The Muscular System, 15 i

I. The visceral musculature, 15 1

II. The skeletal musculature, 15 1

Ectodermic Derivatives

The Integument and Its Derivatives, 153

I. The skin, 153

II. The hair, 154

III. The sebaceous glands, 154

IV. The sweat glands, 154

V. The mammary glands, 155

The Nervous System, 155

I. The central nervous system, 155

II. The peripheral nervous system, 162

The Sense Organs, 165

I. The organ of taste, 165

II. The nose, 165

III. The eye, 166

IV. The ear, 168