Talk:Book - Sex and internal secretions (1961) 15

From Embryology

I. Introduction 884


THE Study of the Placenta 888

A. Basophilia and Acidophilia 888

B. Carbohydrates 889

C. Lipids 889

D. Enzymes 890

E. Iron and Sulfhydryl and Amino Groups of Proteins 891

III. The Placentas of Man and Rhesus Monkey 891

A. Topography and General Histology. 891

B. Chorionic Villi '. . 894

1. Trophoblasts: the Langhans cells. 894

2. Trophoblastic syncytium in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy 894

3. Stroma of the chorionic villi; Hofbauer cells 897

4. Age changes in the chorionic villi . 898

C. Peripheral Cytotrophoblast 902

1. Trophoblasts forming the cell columns and trophoblastic shell 903

2. Ground substance of the trophoblastic cell columns and shell. 904

3. Cytotrophoblast of the basal plate and septa placentas at term 904

4. Cytological comparisons of the cytotrophoblasts with decidual cells 905

5. Cytolytic and proteolytic activities of peripheral trophoblasts. 905

IV. The Structure of the Placental Barrier 908

A. Grosser's Classification 908

B. Ultrastructure of the Chorio-allantoic Placenta 909

C. Reduction in the Number of the Layers of the Chorio-allantoic Placenta 914

D. Reduction in Width of the Layers of the Chorio-allantoic Placenta. 914

V. Yolk Sac Placentation 917

VI. Histochemistry with Reference to Comparative Placentation 922

A. Lipids 923

B. Glycogen and Carbohydrate Containing Macromolecules 926

C. Metachromasia 927

D. Phosphatases 927

VII. Evidence of the Possible Site of Production of Placental Steroid Hormones 930

VIII. Evidence of the Possible Site of Production of Gonadotrophic Hormones 931

IX. Significance and Relationships of Some Placental Constituents .... 937

A. Ribonucleoprotein 937

B. Alkaline Phosphatase 938

C. Alkaline Phosjjhatase and the Periodic Acid-Schiff Reaction 940

D. Relationship of Lipids to the Placental Barrier 942

E. Fibrinoid 942

X. Placental Permeability with Respect to Morphologic Type 943

XL Summarizing Reflections on Comparative Placentation and Placental Permeability 947

XII. References 950