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<Flowplayer height="564" width="720" autoplay="false">Heart septation 001.flv</Flowplayer>

--Mark Hill 11:53, 7 October 2009 (EST) Upload first draft FLV versions of Quicktime movies made from JPG images from PPT slides. Media:Septation 001.flv | Media:Septation 003.flv

--Mark Hill 14:00, 5 October 2009 (EST) Uploaded PPT slides and animations based upon PN draft 1 and MH draft 2. Second draft is still not exactly what I am after, but is closer to the final format.

  • Only a title on the opening slide top left and large.
  • Labels left and right all lower case, structure title then any description, well spaced from picture. Aligned: left labels aligned right, right labels aligned left. (careful with these positions small movements lead to messy animations).
  • Avoid labels over image. Linking lines should not end too close to the actual words
  • Indicate changes that are occurring with arrows or lines, these can be animated by changing positions or length.
  • A box of standard size and position should appear at either top or bottom of slides explaining what is happening.
  • Duplication of slides will extend viewing times/slide.

Put together a standard set of "things" you want to use in your animations (boxes, arrows, circles) use copy n paste.

PN draft 1: large movie | small movie | original powerpoint slides - Septation_A_02_draft1.ppt

MH draft 2: large movie | small movie | original powerpoint slides - Septation_A_02_draft2.ppt

--Phoebe Norville 17:17, 24 September 2009 (EST) content added:



Background Reading

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  • Development of the heart: (3) Formation of the ventricular outflow tracts, arterial valves, and intrapericardial arterial trunks Robert H Anderson, Sandra Webb, Nigel A Brown, Wouter Lamers, and Antoon Moorman Heart. 2003 September; 89(9): 1110–1118. PMCID: PMC1767864