Talk:ANAT2341 Lab 8 - Online Assessment

From Embryology
  1. Provide a brief time course and overview of embryonic development of either the human testis or ovary. (2-3 paragraphs)
  2. Include an image from the historic genital embryology section of the online notes in your description.

Individual assessment this week relates to your group project.

  1. Each student should now look at each of the other Group projects in the class.
  2. Next prepare a critical assessment (should include both positive and negative issues) of each project using the project assessment criteria.
  3. This assessment should be pasted without signature on the top of the specific project's discussion page (minimum length 3-5 paragraphs/project).
  4. This critical assessment should also be pasted on your own student page. Each student should therefore have 5 separate reports pasted on their own page for this assessment item. Length, quality and accuracy of your reports will be part of the overall mark for this assessment (there will be a greater loading on this than simple question assessments).

Group Project

Group Projects (20% of your final mark). It is now week 8 and the project is due for peer assessment during the week before the next Practical class.

There is still an ongoing problem with students uploading content (images and, figures and tables) without appropriate:

  1. File naming.
  2. Image descriptions.
  3. Citation formatting.
  4. Copyright information.
  5. Student template {{2011 Student Image}}

I will be deleting all uploaded files that do not conform to the criteria that I have indicated to be included with files. While this is a small problem, those students who have not attempted at all to contribute any files, will be taken into consideration when finalising individual student assessments.