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Lecture Textbook - The Developing Human Textbook - Larsen's Human Embryology
1 Embryology Introduction Introduction to the Developing Human
2 Fertilization First Week of Human Development Gametogenesis, Fertilization, and First Week
3 Week 1 and 2 Development Second Week of Human Development Second Week: Becoming Bilaminar and Fully Implanting
4 Week 3 Development Third Week of Human Development Third Week: Becoming Trilaminar and Establishing Body Axes
5 Mesoderm Development Fourth to Eighth Weeks of Human Development Fourth Week: Forming the Embryo
6 Ectoderm Development Nervous System Development of the Central Nervous System
7 Early Vascular Development Cardiovascular System Development of the Vasculature
8 Placenta Placenta and Fetal Membranes Development of the Vasculature
9 Endoderm - GIT Alimentary System Development of the Gastrointestinal Tract
10 Respiratory Development Respiratory System Development of the Respiratory System and Body Cavities
11 Head Development Pharyngeal Apparatus, Face, and Neck Development of the Pharyngeal Apparatus and Face
12 Neural Crest Development Nervous System Development of the Peripheral Nervous System
13 Musculoskeletal Development Muscular System Development of the Musculoskeletal System
14 Limb Development Development of Limbs Development of the Limbs
15 Renal Development Urogenital System Development of the Urinary System
16 Genital Urogenital System Development of the Reproductive System
17 Stem Cells
18 Integumentary Development Integumentary System Development of the Skin and Its Derivatives
19 Endocrine Development Covered through various chapters (see also alternate text) Embryology textbooks do not have a specific chapter for endocrine system, read the head and neck and renal chapters. This alternate general endocrine online textbook shown below should also be helpful.
Endocrinology Textbook - Chapter Titles  
Nussey S. and Whitehead S. Endocrinology: An Integrated Approach (2001) Oxford: BIOS Scientific Publishers; ISBN-10: 1-85996-252-1.

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20 Heart Cardiovascular System Development of the Heart
21 Sensory Development of Eyes and Ears Development of the Ears | Development of the Eyes
22 Fetal Fetal Period Fetal Development and the Fetus as Patient
23 Birth and Revision