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A secreted glycoprotein patterning switch with different roles in different tissues and signaling has generally been divided into the canonical and non-canonical pathways. The name was derived from two drosophila phenotypes wingless and int and the gene was first defined as a protooncogene, int1. Humans have 19 identified members, with the major subgroup of Wnts (WNT1, WNT3A, WNT8) signaling through activation of beta-catenin dependent transcription from at least 4 WNT genes encoding secreted glycoproteins. At least one wnt receptor called frizzled (FZD). Wnt7a is secreted protein and binds to extracellular matrix. The mechanism of Wnt distribution (free diffusion, restricted diffusion and active transport) and all its possible cell receptors are still being determined. In the gastrointestinal system, Wnt maintains the pool of undifferentiated intestinal progenitor cells and control maturation and correct positioning of the Paneth cell (a differentiated intestinal cell type).

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Table - Human Wnt Family
Approved Name Previous
Synonyms Chromosome
WNT1 Wnt family member 1 INT1 12q13.12
WNT2 Wnt family member 2 INT1L1 IRP 7q31.2
WNT2B Wnt family member 2B WNT13 XWNT2 1p13.2
WNT3 Wnt family member 3 INT4 "MGC131950, MGC138321, MGC138323" 17q21.31-q21.32
WNT3A Wnt family member 3A 1q42.13
WNT4 Wnt family member 4 WNT-4 1p36.12
WNT5A Wnt family member 5A hWNT5A 3p14.3
WNT5B Wnt family member 5B 12p13.33
WNT6 Wnt family member 6 2q35
WNT7A Wnt family member 7A 3p25.1
WNT7B Wnt family member 7B 22q13.31
WNT8A Wnt family member 8A WNT8D 5q31.2
WNT8B Wnt family member 8B 10q24.31
WNT9A Wnt family member 9A WNT14 1q42.13
WNT9B Wnt family member 9B WNT15 WNT14B 17q21.32
WNT10A Wnt family member 10A 2q35
WNT10B Wnt family member 10B "WNT-12, SHFM6" 12q13.12
WNT11 Wnt family member 11 11q13.5
WNT16 Wnt family member 16 7q31.31
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